Visit us for a hearty meal with friends, a formal business meal, a romantic candle light dinner, or a nice breakfast from our large buffet. We are sure to find the right place for any occasion in our comfortable rooms and dining halls.

Make yourself comfortable in the country house room, the Arosa-Stüble, the Karls-Zimmer or in our Solarium. In the summer time, our guests especially enjoy eating outside on our terrace.

Our kitchen uses regional ingredients wherever possible and we guarantee that everything is fresh and of excellent quality. Gourmets appreciate our versatile seasonal specialties. The lady of the house, Isabel Jackmann-Mayer, will gladly suggest a good wine.

Mayers Waldhorn Gerichte


Chef de Cuisine

Gerhard Mayer is a true master of his trade. He is well-known for his excellent cooking. Following in his father’s footsteps, he first learns the butcher’s trade. He already starts to develop a special feeling for the products in this first profession. He then starts his apprenticeship as a cook at the Ratskeller Reutlingen.

His professional journey leads him to the Casino Motreaux in Switzerland, then to the Hotel Bellevue and the Schweizer Hof in Brunnen at Lake Lucerne. After working at the Hilton in Bahrain for a while, Gerhard Mayer is drawn to the Princess Hotel on the Bermudas as a last stop on his travels abroad before returning to the quaint Mähringen.

A few years ago, Gerhard Mayer has started working with the children of the local school, the Härtenschule Mähringen, on a honorary basis. The Mayer’s Waldhorn offers cooking classes for primary school children on a regular basis. Find out more on the website of the website of the school’s club for extracurricular activities, the Fördervereins Härtenschule Mähringen e.V.:

Since 2008, Gerhard Mayer has been active as a team leader for the “Europa-Miniköche” (literally the “miniature cooks” or “little cooks”) in the Neckar-Alb region. Find out more about the “Miniköche”:

Familie Mayer

From 1895, Jakob Grünewald operates a shop in the Waldhorn. Today’s cooling room used to be a stable, the restaurant room was the shop and the rest of the house was a barn back then.

Jakob’s son Michael Grünewald expands the barn and then sells the property to the grocer and innkeeper Adam Müller in 1886. In 1908, the cooper Johann Jakob Ott from Kusterdingen becomes owner of the the Waldhorn. From 1927 to 1950, the house is led by Rosa Mayer.

A village legend has it that Charles de Gaulle came to the Waldhorn as a guest shortly before the end of the war. Documents prove that the Mayer family, Karl from Altenburg and Lydia (née Hartmann) from Weissach, bought the Waldhorn from the Ott family’s community of heirs in 1950. Master butcher Mayer transforms the shop to a butcher’s shop.

In 1960, the inn is renovated and equipped with new toilet facilities. In 1964, the dining hall is added. Several rooms are added to the Waldhorn and the hotel accepts long-term guests, such as students, French officers and their families, doctors, and artists. The area around Tübingen is a popular location for educational institutions at the time.

From 1977, the Mayer’s son Gerhard starts a new era at the Waldhorn. With the new butcher’s shop, new production facilities, a new kitchen and a new image, the cook and master butcher expands the range of offered dishes and attracts customers from a much larger area. Up to 1983, the Mayers run the inn as a family with their daughter Hildegard.

In 1988, Gerhard Mayer starts to lead the hotel and restaurant together with his wife Isabel. The inn is renovated to become a hotel with 9 double rooms and 9 single rooms. Cable TV, telephones and separate bathrooms are installed in all rooms.  The hotel entrance area is enlarged, an elevator is installed and a new office is designed. A solarium is added to the restaurant. The family decides to officially change the inn’s name to Landgasthof Mayer’s Waldhorn . It has had this name ever since.

In 1992, the kitchen is completely renewed and enlarged. One of the latest substantial changes is the redesign of the dining hall in 1997. New doors and dividing walls are added and a new passage way provides direct access to the terrace. Noble furniture, nice curtains and carefully selected lamps create a great atmosphere in our red country house room. This combination of solarium and dining room offers enough space for 110 guests and the room includes a dance floor.

After the owner’s father, Karl Mayer, unexpectedly dies on Christmas Eve in 1999, it is time to take on a new approach. Gerhard Mayer decides with a heavy heart to abandon the butchery after 50 years of tradition and to concentrate solely on the hotel and the restaurant.

In 2004, the former shop of the butchery is connected to the restaurant in order to create more space. The new “Karlszimmer” (room of Karl) has since impressed many guests who attended conferences or banquets.

In 2009, the hotel area is renovated in parts. The bathrooms are renovated with new fittings, new showers are installed, new shutters and carpets are added.

We celebrated our 65th anniversary in 2015!