Guest Folder (A – Z)

Dear Guests,
Welcome to Mayer’s Waldhorn!
Below you will find a brief alphabetical overview of the services of our hotel!



If you need international travel adaptor or a charging cable for your mobile devices, please contact the reception desk.

Allergic persons

Please inform the receptionist if you are allergic to any kind of food and we will try to cook special meals for you. Or if you need special bed-clothes, let us just know we are pleased to help you.


We offer to help your with any kind of appointments by doctors, massage therapists, foot care, manicurist, cosmetician, tennis, ninepins, golf, mini golf, bus rides, and theater.Please contact the reception desk.


Baggage Service

We are pleased to help you with your baggage into your room or your car. Please call the receptionist at 96.


KSK Tübingen, Bei der Linde 2, 72127 Kusterdingen

Raiffeisenbank Härten, Kirchentellinsfurter Str. 4, 72127 Kusterdingen


If you prefer, we can change your bedding daily. Please contact the houskeeping if you want to use this service.


The Mineral Water in your room is free. On the first floor, you will find a refrigerator from which you can take drinks for consumption in the house, free of charge. Other beverages could be ordered by our room service, just call 96.


You can expect a comprehensive Breakfast in our Breakfast room,

from 7.00 am to 10.00 am, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 8.00 am to 10.00 am.

Bus Connections

When you leave the restaurant, turn right, after 200 meters is a bus stop, in the Neckar- Alb-Strasse. The bus runs to Tübingen (No. 7625) or Reutlingen (No. 7605). We will be happy to inform you about the time-schedule.



For all kind of Celebrations, we will make you different suggestions, for the fixed menu or buffet. We will create your Celebration, equal if small or big depending on your requests. You can make your demands to Mr. or Mrs. Mayer

Check in

from 03:00 pm

Check out

 till 11:00 am

Children beds

For the dear little ones (up to 3 years) we provide a children bed free of charge. Please contact the housekeeping or the reception desk.

Choose your pillow

We have a great selection of different pillows. If you are interested, call the house keeping under 96.

Clean Shoe Service

If you need special cleaning material for your shoes or if you need a special placement area for your working shoes, let us know. You like to get special cleaning for your shoes just call 96.


You could get a detailed conference map at the reception desk. We will be happy to provide you with some information for details. Please ask our staff in the restaurant, or call reception 96.

Credit Card

We accept bankcards, American Express, VISA- and EURO- or. MASTERCARD.



We ask you to make your room free, at 11.00 am on your departure day. Please give your room-key to the reception desk. Thank you!


Dr. med. Volker Krause, General Practitioner

Gomaringer Straße 46, 72770 Reutlingen Phone: (0) 07121-5148 48

Dr. Volker Nieser, Dentist

Rathausstraße 2, 72127 Kusterdingen (Mähringen)

Tel. (0) (07071) 33604


Pets are not allowed.



Please do not use the elevator in an emergency (like fire).

Emergency Exit

In every room, there is a plan about the emergency exits.

Please read it consciously; never use the elevator during a fire.

House-intern Emergency Number is 96 or *701 or *700


In our foyer, we have all kind of flyer and brochures from sport to other event tips around the region here. More ideas you get in the restaurant from our staff. We would be happy, to make some special celebrations for you and your guests. In addition, we can do conferences for you and your company. Please ask our staff.

Extra blanket

If you need extra blankets tell us and we will bring it to you.

Just call our staff at 96.

Express Check out

If you prefer a quick departure without contacting the reception desk in the morning, we debit the invoice amount from your credit card.



Our Fax No. is +49 70 71 – 13 33 99.

For an incoming Fax we will not charge you. For an outgoing Fax we charge 0,50 € per tariff unit.


We recommend the Flower shop „Hildegard-Renz-Floristik“

Bachstr. 4, 72810 Gomaringen  Phone: (0) 0 70 72 – 63 42

Front door key / Hotel entrance

If you are on the road during the day, please carry your room key with you.

The hotel entrance is closed from approximately 11.00 pm.

With your room key, you can open the hotel entrance any time.

Importantly: Please never close the hotel front door from the inside or outside!

For your security, you need to inform the hotel immediately, if you have lost the key. The change of the locks from the entrance door and your room

will cost about 250,00 € for each door lock.



At the reception, we have a game selection to borrow. Please give the game with all parts back so that other can have fun with it, too.

Garage/ Parking lots

For five Euro a day, you could rent a garage place. Please ask the receptionist. You could use the parking lots around the house for free.



Brenner Haarmoden

Rathausstr. 27, 72127 Mähringen  Phone. (0)(0 70 71) 3 49 58



Throughout the hotel you can use the wireless network “Mayers Waldhorn”
free of charge , the keyword is “MayersWaldhorn”

If you like, you could check your emails on our PC, located in our lounge.


Laundry and ironing

In your cupboard, there are laundry bags for the laundry to be handed in at the reception Laundry. Please fill out the enclosed list carefully and hand it in with your laundry. Please see the list for prices.

If you leave your laundry at the reception until 09:00 am on weekdays,

it will be back in your room by 6:00 pm. On weekends and Public holidays on request. The hotel is not liable for shrinkage, discoloration or lack of colorfastness of the articles.

If you need ironing service for your laundry, please contact the reception and we will iron your laundry within 1 hour. We are also happy to provide you with an iron and ironing board in your room.

Leisure Time

In our foyer are different flyers with information from our region. There are many sport activities and other performance that you could choose.


Money and Valuables

Because of actuarial reasons, we ask you, not to leave any kind of jewelry, valuables, or money in your room or car. We are not liable for lost valuables in your room.

Please put them in the safe at the reception desk.


Newspaper and Journals

There is a variety of newspapers and journals available at the restaurant (for free).

Nonsmoking rooms

We ask you not to smoke in your room. The following guest will be thankful.



Pharmacy Ohmenhausen, Gomaringerstr.33, 72770 Reutlingen  (0)07121-91660


Our Phone No is +49 70 71 – 13 33 0

If you want to make a call, first dial 0 and then the rest of your Number. If you tell your incoming caller your room Number then they could call you directly.

(sample: room No 10 then it would be +49 7071-13 33 10)

Photocopier / Scanner

Please contact the reception desk for further information.


If you turn right when you get out of the hotel, walk 200 meters to the Neckar Alb Street and on the left side is the playground.


We will bring you your incoming mailing to your room. Letter paper or postcards and stamps, you could get at the reception desk. You could leave your outgoing mailing by the receptionist.



We are proud to have 3 stars S after the German Hotel and guesthouse classification, we are steadily looking for holding and raising our standards and to fulfill the requests from our guests. If there is something you are not satisfied with, please inform the receptionist.

Questionary – Your opinion is valuable to us

Are you satisfied; is there something we could improve? Please let us know, on the questioner’s sheet. You could leave the filled in form at the reception desk or at the postbox in the foyer. You can be sure that we will take you and your request seriously. Thank you for your help.



In our restaurant we offer German and International dishes. We are open

Wednesday to Saturday from 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

Sunday from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm and from 5.30 pm to 8.00pm

On Monday and Tuesday is our restaurant closed.

Reception desk

Phone number 96 during the restaurant is open. Otherwise dial *700 or *701 or *702.

The reception desk is there from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm. If you like to depart before 7.00 am in the morning, then we ask you to pay the bill on the day before.

On our days off (on Monday and Tuesday, you could reach us at *700 or *701 or *702)

Room Service

We serve cold and hot beverages from 7.00 am to 2.30 pm and from 5.00 pm to 11.30 pm in your room.
Please find our dining assortment in our menu, which is on display in your room. We serve food from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm in your room.

We charge an extra fee of 2,50 € for each way in your room.



We will offer you to take your valuables, and put it in our hotel safe, for your security.

Shuttle Service

If you would like to go to the railroad station or to another place, you would like to see, we would be glad to call a taxi for you. We will charge you only for the taxi costs. Please tell us one day prior at the reception.

Sanitary article

If you miss something or forgot something, please let us know under phone 96.

Sewing Service

“Oh my god the button is off”, no problem, just call 96 and we fix the problem. Small repairs we do immediately, bigger repairs we give out of the house, to special services.


Terry cloth slippers are available free of charge in your room closet.



We will take your reservation at the reception desk.


We are connected to cable TV. With our Flat screen TV’s is it possible, to choose between 19 different broadcast stations. We will ask you kindly, not to change the programming of the stations on the TV. All possible stations are already programmed for you.


Unsere Telefonnummer ist    0 70 71 – 13 33 0

Um die Amtsleitung zu erhalten wählen Sie bitte zuerst die 0 und dann die gewünschte Telefonnummer. Wenn Sie Ihrem Anrufer Ihre Zimmernummer mitteilen, können Sie direkt im Zimmer angerufen werden (z.B. Zimmer 10 = 0 70 7 1 – 13 33 10).


If the weather is nice, the terrace is open. At Midday and in the evening you could choose from our delicious meals and desserts from the menu.

Sunday afternoon you could try cooling ice cream or some other sweets.

Tickets to purchase

You could find many different performance possibilities, at the foyer. If you want, us to make a reservation for you, let us know and we are happy to help.

Toilet requisites or hygienic articles

Did you forget your comb, toothbrush or any other hygienically product? No problem. At the reception desk, we have it all.



In the room you will find an umbrella. Please bring it back after your usage. If you lose the umbrella, we have to charge 15,00 €.


Wakeup call

You could get a wakeup call. Just put the time in the phone like the direction for the phone shows. Alternatively, call the receptionist 96, who will wake you up, too.